Weird patent: Walking Jacket for Cats

Walking Jacket for Cats Patent

This is a patent for a “walking jacket” for your cat… for when you take your cat on a walk. On a leash. Like a dog.

My mom tried to get her cats used to wearing harness, but she couldn’t find one small enough for them and they hated wearing them. They’re indoor cats and she wanted to be  able to take them outside, but I guess that’ll never happen now.

Anyway, this walking jacket has a collar portion that “prevents the cat from backing out of the walking jacket and thereby prevents escape.” Figure 5 of the patent reminds me of Civil Disobedience Cat.



Arizona State University’s law school establishes law firm for recent graduates

To Place Graduates, Law Schools Are Opening Firms (New York Times)

Arizona State University has created a law firm for graduates who can’t find jobs in the horrible law school job market. The story said that the Dean wanted to follow a model like a teaching hospital, and I think it’s a good idea, especially for students who didn’t get a chance to take a clinic in law school. Of course, something like this will pad law school employment stats (and I suspect that was a big factor for creating this firm,) but I think it will help young lawyers, so I can’t see it as a bad thing.

Gideon Sundback’s Birthday

Google has a nifty doodle today for Gideon Sundback, the inventor of the zipper. Today would be his 132nd birthday.

Google Patents has, of course, posted his patent for a separable fastener.

And here’s an IBN post that explains how zippers work: How the Gideon Sundback Zipper works

Zippers are so helpful, even if they are a pain to insert into clothing. Zippers and set-in sleeves are two of the most aggravating things I’ve had to deal with in my sewing.

Jason Schultz & Jennifer M. Urban: Protecting Open Innovation

Jason Schultz and Jennifer M. Urban, both of the UC Berkeley School of Law, wrote this paper about why Open Innovation Communities have shied away from patents, how they’ve dealt with Intellectual Property Issues, and why they should seriously consider opting back into the patent system.

Protecting Open Innovation: A New Approach to Patent Threats, Transaction Costs, and Tactical Disarmament

Hackers Elect Bender from Futurama to the DC School Board (PC World)

Bender Bending Rodriguez Elected to DC School Board after hackers are encouraged to break into the network.

Yeah, that’s right—the hackers were basically dared to compromise the security of the network. From the article:

“This was not some nefarious attack from a group of rogue hackers: The DC school board actually dared hackers to crack its new Web-based absentee voting system four days ahead of the real election. University of Michigan professor Alexander Halderman, along with two graduate students, did the deed within a few hours.”

The rest of the article details everything the hackers had access to once they got into the network. It’s an interesting read about the importance of security… and why you shouldn’t publicly ask hackers to compromise your network.

New Focus…

I’ve decided to incorporate some of my law-related interests into this blog, specifically IP and internet-related issues. I want to expand the content of the blog to cover more than just social media how-tos. I have a few ideas in mind, and hopefully they’ll motivate me to post more often.

Digital Atlanta

Someone recently re-tweeted a post about Digital Atlanta, a week-long conference about new media and technology-related achievements in Atlanta, GA. It’s November 7-11, and if I’m still in town, I definitely want to try to make some of the events. Digital Atlanta looks like a great opportunity to meet forward-thinking people and to learn about how different industries use new and social media to market themselves, attract clients, and keep the world updated on what they’re up to.

I’d highly recommend that you check out their website ( and their agenda. Some of the panels that have caught my eye are:

– “Can’t We All Just Get Along? Social Media & Digital Marketing Success Through a Combination of In-House & Outsourced Talent”
– “The New Girls Club––Women in Marketing”
– “Dragon*Con TV: Using new media to promote and manage sci-fi conventions”
– “Social Media Action Plan for Small Businesses”