Do you use Vine?

A few weeks ago, I went to a CLE about the ethics of using social media. At the beginning of the event, the panelists talked about which social media platforms they used and asked us what we used. I was the only attendee who used Vine… and I’d be willing to bet that I was one of the most “connected” people there.

Anyway, do you use Vine? Do you know what it is?

Vine is a video clip-sharing application for smart phones (iOS-only right now, I think?) It’s easy to use–you tap the screen to record footage of up to 6 seconds. You can untap and it’ll pause the video, which means you can do stop-motion-style clips.

Vine has had its issues–it’s an 18 and up app now because people were posting porn on it–but overall, it’s a fun little service. You log in using other applications (like Facebook and Twitter), which allows you to find and follow friends. You can like and comment on videos, but they don’t have  a “reblog” or “retweet” option.

When you log in, you’ll see a feed similar to the one on Instagram, but with looping videos instead of photos. (Turn your volume down, by the way, especially if you’re at work! The videos all auto-play and they can be loud or jarring. Want to stop a loop? Just tap the video and it’ll pause.) The main feed shows videos from people you follow AND “Editor’s Picks,” which shows you what other people are doing with the application. One of the most interesting people to follow is Adam Lisagor, @lonelysandwich on Twitter. He gets a lot of Editor’s Picks, and I think he’s actually using Vine to make a movie of some kind.

As for me… I’ve used Vine a little bit; I enjoy watching what my friends post a little more than I enjoy posting, though. My life isn’t all that exciting, and I don’t feel like I have the comedic timing to pull of something hilarious the way my friends do. Maybe if I had a pet or a roommate I’d use it more often. Still, I like the idea of posting little clips to share with my friends, and I’ve been really impressed by some of the videos I’ve seen so far.


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