Link: Are You Living Up to Your Brand?

;Are You Living Up To Your Brand? (MaKenzie Birchell)

Although this post is tailored to franchisees, the questions posed can—and should—be applied to other businesses.

Descriptive Key Words: Brichell’s post asks about the description of the brand or franchise. What are the main keywords you would use to describe your business? Are those keywords posted on your website? Be descriptive on your site about the services that your business performs—not only will they alert visitors (read: prospective customers or clients) to how you can help them, but search engines will pick up on them as well, which will make it easier for those prospective clients to find you via Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Appearance: The article encourages you to compare your business’s physical appearance with other similar businesses. You can do the same thing using your website. Look at the websites of competitors, colleagues, and other sites related to your field of business. Ask:

– How does your website compare to the websites of your competitors and colleagues?
– Is your website easy to navigate?
– Is the purpose of your business easily ascertainable from your site?
– Is your website passive or active?
– What is the overall tone of your site? Professional? Personal? Your tone conveys the overall personality of the business and should match up with the nature of your services. Apartment Complex websites, for example, usually use sensory language to make the visitor feel comfortable and curious about what the complex has to offer.

Evaluating your online appearance can help you figure out where your strengths and weaknesses lie so that you can better reach out to customers and clients. Check out Ms. Birchell’s post to learn other ways to evaluate your business and determine whether you’re following your objectives or need to adjust your business practices to get back on track to meeting your goals.


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